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Hayden Logan

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Hayden Logan is a Yukonite, who was raised in Yukon and graduated from Yukon High. He has attended FUMC Yukon for most of his life and is now employed as the Youth Intern for two years. 

He is currently a student at University of Central Oklahoma, pursuing a degree in Secondary Science Education and will graduate in the upcoming fall semester of 2017. Hayden has plans to use his degree as a high school biology educator in inner city schools. 

In his free time or lack thereof, he enjoys spending time outdoors, and is a huge Harry Potter fan, Go Gryffindor! He also enjoys the occasional corny joke and makes sure that his youth group can experience all the glory that comes with such humor. 

If you have any questions, want to discuss Harry Potter fan theories, or any corny jokes please contact Hayden via

or you can always drop by on Sunday’s and come and see me. 

  March 2018  
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